How to improve your cyber security (for free)

In the wake of the ransom-ware attacks in the last couple weeks we updated our clients with some pointers on keeping their computers and their websites safer from such attacks. So, here's a few pointers on how to improve your cyber security for free....

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With PPC Targeted Marketing is now easier than ever

In a previous post we explained why broadcast (scattergun) marketing isn't so hot any more. ( But this has been replaced by something much better called 'targeted marketing'. What I mean by targeted...

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5 great reasons to use YouTube in your marketing

In this post we're sharing 5 great reasons to use Youtube in your marketing.  Youtube really is the unsung hero of social media but it's actually more widely used than all other platforms. TRANSCRIPT Today, I'm going to be sharing with you...

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Why you should segment your market

It's important to know why you should segment your market, especially if you're selling a variety of products that could be used by different demographics. Here we'll show you why it's important and how it's done: TRANSCRIPT In today's...

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How to get great testimonials for your business

Testimonials are a great way to let prospective customers know what other customers think of you and your offering. But getting this feedback can sometimes be a little awkward.  So here we'll share some ideas on how to get great testimonials for your business....

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A classic example of business self-sabotage

We hear a lot of stories about business self-sabotage in the work that we do but this example is an absolute classic. In this short session, I want to tell you a story, a real classic example of business self-sabotage in the hope that you...

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How often should you send out marketing emails?

We regularly hear the question  "How often should you send out marketing emails?" so this post should begin to answer that question for you: TRANSCRIPT In today's snippet, I want to just talk about a topic that is, actually, pretty big on...

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How to make photos work for your website

Why your photos have a job to do Images capture the viewer’s attention and hold it for a moment, they are being processed in their head far quicker than your copy, no matter how relevant and carefully written. Images need to support and enhance your web site's message...

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