About Us

Buzz is a website design and marketing company based in Leicester. It’s part of Midlands Advice and Training Services Ltd,

This part of the business came about in late 2010 since we’d been asked on numerous occasions to build websites for small businesses in the Leicester area (some folks know about our techie background). Originally called Buswebs, we changed the name to Buzz in May 2014.

It didn’t take us long to realise that many people who run small businesses (especially start-ups) can’t afford to spend three or four thousand pounds on a website.

As a result we decided to launch this part of the business to formalise what we’re up to.

We typically build websites for businesses in Leicestershire (because that’s where we’re based) but because the web is global it doesn’t really matter where you are. If you like what we do and would like us to build a website for you, just ask.

Just like in our training work we take a very pragmatic approach to what we do, focusing on the things that work and the things that get results. We don’t waste time and money on high-minded theory and/or web concepts.

This means that you can be assured that your website will work as it should and, if you follow our recommendations and training, will get traffic and enquiries for your services and products.

The company is owned by Karl and Emma Craig-West of Leicester.

Company Name & Registered Office:
36 Bloomfield Road
Company No. 06877564

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