NBV 30 Sep 2015

“Double Your Sales in Less Than a Year!”

Hi guys,

thanks for coming along and listening to my talk, I hope you found it useful. Here is the MP3 of my talk along with the slides and some other useful stuff:

Here’s the MP3, just click on the link to download it:

Double Your Sales in Less Than a Year

Here are the slides

How to double your sales in less than a year – PDF slides

The next download is fairly self explanatory (I hope)

What should you do in your daily Marketing Power Hour

And this one is the list of marketing channels that you could use to grow your business:

A list of Marketing Pillars

And here is a link to the CRM system that I use:


Good luck and if you need any help putting this stuff together in your business then just give me a call on 07703 885305

All the best,


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