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budget single-page layout 1

This is the single-page version of our multi-page layout number 2, and was developed for businesses in the creative industries. It will suit pretty much anyone though; so whether you’re an engineer, restauranteur or anything else, you can benefit from its clear and high-impact look.

You’d only be limited by your imagination. How could your business benefit?

Remember: the images below just show a mock-up of the site layout with placeholder pictures and text, just to give you an idea of what’s possible.

The finished site is sure to look fantastic with your own logo, text and images of the correct size.

If there are any parts or sections you don’t need, we can remove them with no trouble.

Like this layout but not the colour scheme? We’ll change it for you.

Hate the font? That’s really not a problem. We’ll be more than happy to switch it for something you love.

Your visitors are greeted with clean lines – your company name sits prominently above a brief description of who you are. A button transports your visitors to a section below where they can find out more.

Relevant imagery underlines the type of business you excel in.

Scrolling down, a “what we do” section tells your prospective clients the ways in which you can help to solve their problems.

Then there is a section where you can demonstrate your expertise (or brilliant customer service, number of product lines sold, etc…) in numbers.


You’re unique, and the next section is where you can explain what makes your business better for your customers than all of your competition. Imagery helps to prevent the appearance of a “wall of text”.

Examples of your latest work (or recent events, or…) is showcased with photographs underneath. 


Below that is a section outlining key skills you may have, emphasising your expertise.


A full-width image with text beneath adds to the the aesthetic. This will be particularly useful for businesses whose products or services have a strong visual element.

If you’ve won any awards or have been featured in the media (or just want to show off what a fantastic job you can do for your potential clients), then here is the ideal place to do so.


Testimonials from previous happy clients really help to convince potential customers that you’re a great match for their needs.


A contact section is at the bottom of this page allowing your site visitors to get in touch and continue their journey to becoming your new customers.

If you'd like your next website to be like this, get in touch!

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