Now you can have a website that comes with a focus on Return on Investment, Payment Options and a Marketing Plan

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And here’s what else you’ll get with your new website:

  • Marketing coaching and resources, so you’ll know how to promote your business when your website is launched
  • Training on how to manage your website so you don’t need to keep paying to have it updated
  • Ongoing support to help you get the most out of your website
  • A FREE copy of our best selling book; “Smashing Self-Employment”Smashing Self Employment by Karl Craig-West of Buzz Website Design in Leicester
  • Jargon free, friendly team
  • And loads more…

You see, what most website designers won’t tell you is that a website is just like any other form of marketing: it’s either making you money or it’s costing you money. And if your website isn’t built with return on investment as the primary aim then you’re throwing money away.

That’s why when you work with Buzz you’ll get more than just a website, you’ll get an online marketing channel that gets results and pays for itself.

But with Buzz you’ll get even more, you’ll also get a marketing action-plan and ideas to help you promote your business.

And you won’t just be given a login to look after your website, you’ll get coaching and templates on how to properly manage your new website.  

Even better is that you can choose from one of several payment options geared towards making your website easier to pay for.

So give us a call today on 0116 3552194 and find out how to win business online through your new website and marketing channel.









Keeping costs down was our main consideration with our first website back in 2012, but when the time came to redevelop it we returned to Buzz as we found they were so good. We found the whole service excellent.”

John Hall

Director, Frank Exchange

“Buzz did a great job and we are very pleased with the finished product.  As well as providing a great looking website, Buzz provided us with lots of marketing tips and support to help our business grow.”

Mark Bell

Director, Body Works Physiotherapy

“I met Karl through a networking event and was impressed with his knowledge of how SEO would help my business.  I would say that for anyone looking for the whole package Karl is able to offer, it is a great solution and I would recommend Buzz.”

Joanne Withers

Owner, St Mark's Stays

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