Many business websites today have what’s known as a blog.

The word blog is simply an abbreviation of ‘web log’ which is an online5 reasons why your business needs a blog journal or series of articles, usually published with the latest item first.

There are millions of people writing blogs these days and there are many websites dedicated to providing blogs to writers.

But what about blogging for your business and how can it help? Without being prompted, can you think of reasons why your business needs a blog?

Well there is a few ways a blog can help your website’s performance and thus your business:

1 – search engines favour websites with blogs

The first thing to consider is that there is strong evidence that the search engines favour websites with blogs much more than similar sites without blogs. This is because search engines love content (pages of text on websites) and if you have a constant stream of fresh content then the search engines will love your website.

This means that if your website has a blog and your competitors don’t, it increases the chances of  your website ranking higher in the results when someone searches for your products or services. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of beating your competition to the potential business.

2 – Showcase your best work

Also a blog enables you to let your website visitors know about what’s going on in your company. You can shout about the great things you do for your customers and what they have to say about it.

You can also discuss new products launches or even publicly welcome new members to the team.

3 – Provide information

You can use a blog to inform people about things that are happening in your industry. This information could be very important to your potential clients.

4 – Educate your target audience

You could write useful articles that, in some way, educate and help your customers. This then positions you as an expert and builds confidence in you and what it is you’re selling.

A good example of this would be a golf equipment shop that regularly blogs on ways to improve your game. If this is tied in with reviews of the golf tackle in stock (trying not to make the article sound like a sales pitch) then it’s quite likely to increase sales of those items.

5 – Start a discussion with people

You can start a dialogue with website visitors and customers.

A blog is a superb way of starting a discussion with your clients. You can ask questions or express opinions and ask them to comment and discuss. This can be a great way to find out what people think of what you’re doing.

Hopefully by now you will start to think that maybe your business needs a blog. Whatever your view, the search engines love blogs. And in today’s increasingly competitive web world a blog could really help your website to produce a steady stream of new visitors and, with the right call to action, more new business.

If you want help putting together your company’s blog then give us a call on (0116) 3552194 and we’ll chat about what’s involved.

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