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Why should you consider a blog writing service for your website?

The success of any website these days is the content, the quality of the content and how regularly it’s updated.

Search engines, like Google, take the view that regularly updated websites must be more important than ones that rarely change (even if the largely-static website is much bigger).

So, a blog is now an essential search engine optimisation (SEO) tool for any business that is serious about winning traffic and clients through the web.

UK blog writing service

Our Blog Writing Service can be a serious boost to your SEO.

However, the biggest problem for many people in business is that there often isn’t time to regularly write on the company’s blog. Running and managing a business is hard work and, although web marketing and blog writing are important, they often takes a back seat to other concerns.

And this is where Buzz can help. Our blog writing service gives your website the added content that it really needs but leaves you to get on with working in your business.

How it works:

You tell us how often you want the blog updated, give us the resources to create the content (e.g. your industry news) and we’ll write it and publish it for you. We’ll be sure to ensure that any keywords you want included are there (assuming it’s relevant to the content).

Not only that but we’ll also promote each blog item to the leading social bookmarking websites on the internet. This builds links to your website and increases the chances of your website gaining traffic.

How much it costs:

To keep things simple you have two options:

  1. A single blog post will cost you just £43 for 450+ words.
  2. Or we’ll write 5 items a month for just £187 (by direct debit), with no minimum contract term.

And remember: we won’t just write and publish them for you, we’ll promote them out for you as well.

If you’d like to know more about our blog writing service just give us a call on (0116) 3552194 or use our contact form.


Why should you have a blog for your business?

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