Despite the best efforts of the marketing experts and the social media industry some folks who run small businesses are still wondering if blogging for business is really worth the effort.

And instead of reiterating what we wrote in our post ‘5 reasons why your business needs a blog‘ I’d like to share a simple example of what can happen from blogging.

A very good friend of ours, Marie, is a lawyer and started writing on her blog about stuff happening in her legal world. But one of the things she has become particularly good at is picking on the absurdities in the English legal system and how inefficient it can sometimes be.

As a result her blog was spotted by one of the people involved in the online Law Society Gazette and, as such, has on several occasions been asked to contribute her view on issues that the website was writing about.

Not only that but she also wrote an ‘opinion’ on something which they published in its entirety naming her and her company:

Now you might think “so what?” to all of that but you’d be missing something very important: The legal industry in the UK is very crowded and standing out from the competition can be very difficult indeed. This added exposure has done wonders for her profile as a lawyer and the owner of a small business.

is Blogging for business worth the effort

Blogging for business is definitely worth the effort

This added exposure can also help Marie to become something of an opinion leader in her field. If she’s being asked for her opinion by the website of the Law Society then her opinion must have some value in this context, otherwise she wouldn’t be asked.

With some leverage and a bit of pushing in the right direction Marie could become known as a valued expert in her field and that can easily add collateral to almost any marketing message.

And all this from a simple business blog.

So next time you’re thinking that blogging for business isn’t going to help, just think about this one example and try and imagine how something similar could happen to you.

If you’re not sure how you can started in blogging for business then give us a quick call on 0116 3552194.

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