Budget website package terms and conditions

The Buzz Website standard website development terms and conditions (https://www.buzzwebsitedesign.com/website-development-terms-and-conditions/) apply except where detailed below.

1 – Price and payment options

The budget website package costs £930 (no VAT).

This is payable over 3 months by direct debit at £310 per month or all of the fee up front.

No work on the website will begin until the direct debit has been setup or the whole fee has been paid.

2 – What we need from you

You will provide us with all text and images (and video) for your website as quickly as possible. We will make it clear by email what we need and it’s your responsibility to supply it in good time.

If you want your social media embedded into your site then you will need to supply us with logins etc appropriate to those channels.

3 – Additional Work

If we need to do any additional work outside of the website build then you agree to pay our support rate of £45 per hour.

This extra work includes (but is not limited to): sourcing images, additional coding, graphics manipulation, configuration of extra website plugins.

If extra work is required then we will inform you that it’s extra before we do it so you’ll have the choice as to whether we proceed with it.

4 – Project lapse

We will endeavour to have your website built very quickly, our target is launch-ready within a month of start. Thus it’s important that you get content (text) and images to us promptly when asked.

If we are waiting for you to send us material for the site and the project reaches 3 months from start date then your project will lapse and we will charge you £175 to restart it.

5 – Money back guarantee

This package is not eligible for our standard website money-back guarantee.

6 – The budget plan development process

Each project follows a similar path and these are the key elements of the development process. You’ll be involved in almost all stages and we will need you to make decisions on many of these.

  • You choose the layout you want from a pre-defined range.
  • Work with the developer to arrange content elements on the layout
  • Provide us with page (menu) structure
  • Send us text and images for all pages (including home page elements)
  • Send us logins to your required social media
  • Give us some idea of search terms you’d like your website to be found for
  • Let us know which email addresses you require
  • Send us the login for your domain registrar
  • We will launch the site when we’ve completed all pages according to the content you’ve provided
  • After launch we will provide you with 2 hours of training so you can manage your website
  • We’ll also provide you with a marketing plan template and some instructional videos on how to create your marketing plan

7 – What else is included in the package

  • 3 POP email addresses
  • Monthly backup
  • Security software install and configuration
  • 1 year’s hosting from date of launch  (£127 p.a. thereafter)

Our standard terms and conditions can be found here:

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