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This four-page website layout has been developed for a photography business, but could easily be adapted to suit any company that creates or sells visual products:










Set designers


Tattoo studios


Interior designers


Landscape gardeners


Cake decorators…


The possibilities are (almost) endless. How could your business benefit?


Remember: the images below just show a mock-up of the site layout with placeholder pictures and text, just to give you an idea of what’s possible.



The finished site is sure to look fantastic with your own logo, text and images of the correct size.


If there are any parts or sections you don’t need, we can remove them no problem.

Like this layout but not the colour scheme? We’ll change it for you.

Hate the font? That’s fine. We’ll be happy to switch it for something you love.

This is the homepage

This is the part of the site that your visitors will see first –
a full-width image with your text overlaid, and a button to take them to your contact page.
Scrolling down, they’ll see a sample of the kinds of visual products you offer, alongside your description of what you do (or inspires you, or…)
Further down is a full-width image with your logo and slogan overlaid.
Once again, your visitors have a button linking to your contact page. 
Below that is a section outlining key elements of your business…
…followed by a section linking to portfolio pages for the different categories of your products. 
Testimonials from previous happy clients really help to convince potential customers that you’re a great match for their needs.
A quick-contact section is at the bottom of this page, to make it even easier for people to get in touch.

This is a portfolio page

Here is your opportunity to really show off what you can do, making potential clients think, “I want that”.
You can have as many of these as you have sections in your portfolio. (For example, a photographer might want separate portfolios for weddings, landscapes, portraits, etc).
A quick-contact form is at the bottom.

This is the “about us” page

People will want to know about who you are and how you can make their lives better – boast away!

You can describe things like your qualifications and experience, showing that you know your stuff and your customers are in safe hands.

Again, a quick-contact section tempts visitors to get in touch.

This is the “contact us” page

While there is a quick-contact section at the bottom of every page here, this page also shows useful information such as your landline, mobile and fax numbers (as required), your email address, physical address and hours of business.

Of course, there’s always the quick-contact section as well, if they just want to conveniently dash off a short note.

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