Content is still king. Long live the king! But what if you’re too busy to be writing loads of content for your website?  Well, have a read:

In our view, the most important aspect of web marketing these days is producing quality content in sufficient quantity to ensure that your website is being loved regularly by the search engines.

Content is still king

Content is still king

And this proves to be something of a frustration for us when working with clients as we try and ensure that their websites perform well. And this is because the search engines, with Google in particular, are doing their best to make quality content the single biggest factor when ranking your website in the search results.

But if content is king, and we’re all so busy trying to run our businesses, how on earth can we be writing on our blogs or writing articles all the time? Well, we can’t. It’s simply not feasible to be writing on a constant basis.

But here’s a few helpful hints that may encourage you to think a little differently.

  • You could use a blog-writing service. That way you’ll have regular content added to your site but not have to spend hours each month writing it.
  • You could use voice recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This way, with a little practice, you could write content in much reduced time and also write in much the way you speak (which actually aids understanding).
  • You could use guest writers. There’s plenty of people out there willing to write content for websites in exchange for the authorship credit and a link back to their website.
  • How about spreading the load? A small law firm here in Leicestershire has a policy that every member of staff has to write two blog posts a month. Quite a lot of content gets published (about 20 posts a month) but it’s not down to just one person.

So, there you go. Hopefully you’ll appreciate that while content is still king (and will likely be so for some time) you can still have content regularly added to your website without having to slave away every day all day.

If you’ve any other ideas for getting content added without having to do all the work then please share it in the comment section below.

And if you need help with content creation or how blogging could help your website marketing then give us a call on 0116 3552194 or use our contact form.

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