Have a think about this simple method to help you improve your marketing.

Most of us read some kind of publication such as newspapers or magazines and what almost always gets our attention is the headline of particular articles. In many ways we’re attracted to an enticing or interesting headline or title (especially when the word ‘sex’ is used) . And the editors of all publications know this (have a look at the classic headline example from The Sun).

improve your marketing using headlines

Improve your marketing using headlines

And your website (and also your line of business) is no different in that respect; website visitors will respond to a well-written and appealing headline. The headline will entice the reader to find out more.

Although in a business context we need to avoid having sex plastered on our web pages we do need to consider the wants, needs and interests of our website visitors in our headlines.

In fact 80% of people will read your headline but only around 20% of readers will read any more. So the headline needs to get them reading on.

A good headline or title should encourage the reader to find out more – always!

A good example was when I spent some time with the owners of a successful company that makes and send luxury hampers to new mums. During our examination of their website we came to the conclusion that their pages focused almost entirely on the products and what was in them and not on what the customers get from the hampers.

In this case we began to adjust the focus of the headlines, pictures, and content to aim more at the experience of feeling appreciated and loved that a new mum might feel when she received one of the beautiful hampers. This got more people reading and brought in more enquiries and orders.

Let’s take another example in Volvo cars. They were (and probably still are) notoriously well built and Volvo cleverly created a marketing campaign around the fact that their cars kept you and your family safe. They didn’t focus on the car construction, or materials, or design, or awards they’d won. They focused on you and your family in all of their headlines.

And this principle applies to all your marketing headlines.

So, have a think: does the opening statement on your website or any of your marketing literature focus on the client and his/her wants and needs or is it about you and what you offer?


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