Today I’m going to share some ideas on why it’s important for you to focus on one area of expertise or skillset within your marketing.


Hone in on your expertise or specialism.

So, what do I mean by honing on just one area of expertise or specialism?  Well, this has come about because I’m working with a law firm to help them develop their website, and they’re a start-up firm, and it’s only a small number of people in the business.

It’s exciting to work with them, but they’ve got this really long list of things that they can do for their customers.  And, of course, we’re developing all the content around that.

But, my big thing is to get them to try and focus on what they know they are really, really good at.

The reason why I want them to do that is because it’s very difficult to promote lots of different services into a marketplace because it just becomes a scattergun approach hoping you’ll hit the right person at the right time with right message with right offering.

Unfortunately, that’s often a very wasteful and time-consuming and badly-targeted way of doing the marketing and can yield, actually, quite low results.

On the other hand, if they focus on just one real area of expertise, they can really go to town on this and be quite widely known as the people to go for this particular service.

It’s that single-minded approach that will enable them to really become the experts in that field. They can really go to town on their expertise, on their content creation, on showing the market that they are the experts, the people you should talk to, and the people you should come to.

How would you do this?

focus on one area of expertise

If you learn to focus on one area of expertise in your marketing then your results will improve

So, how would they go about doing this?  Well, one of the things that they could, and in my view should, do is just work on that one specialism.

Yes, there are little bit offshoots off that specialism as well that they can tap into, but the key thing is they can write content and they can pitch content marketing out into the wider marketplace to really let them know that we know what we’re talking about here.

Show off your expertise

Another reason for doing this is if you’re showing off your real area of expertise and a large chunk of work comes in because that’s your area of expertise, it’s very easy to show results.

It’s very easy to get client feedback.  It’s very easy to illustrate to your marketplace that actually we’re not only good at this, we’re not only specialists at this, but we also get great results as well.

On top of that, it’s also easy to talk the language of that particular specialism because you work so much in it and because you’re so passionate about it. And that will resonate with people in the target market who need that help.

And what will happen as a result of speaking that language and pitching writing to that market is that you will connect in a more effective way than you would do as if you were trying to promote all of these other different things that you could do.  Just focus on one area of expertise and become amazing at it.

In a particular law firm, it could be a wide variety of things.  It could be commercial law.  It could be divorce.  It could be immigration.  It could be criminal.  It could be any of those and all of its peripheral services and supports.

But, the thing is, once you’re in that, and once you’re known as the person to go to, you will then speak the language.  You will then touch the market and the market will respond to you.

If it’s a natural fit between what you do, what you have to offer, what you’re passionate about, and what you know you’re good at and what the market needs, the market will respond as long as you’re putting that message out there consistently and persistently.

What should you do?

So, what I’d like to do to urge you to do is to go out there and work out what it is.

What’s the one or two things that you know you are really, really hot on?

We are web designers.  That’s not the only thing we can do because we’re also good at helping people develop their marketing.  We’re also good at doing SEO on websites.

We’re also good at helping people get started with marketing campaigns, etc.  We do some training as well, but we focus on the web design because we know we are great at it.  We know that we do great things and we get great results for our clients, and this comes across in our marketing.

We could promote all of these wider, different things.  Of course we could, and sometimes we do, but our core message is website design, and then everything else follows suit.

What’s your core?

So, what’s your core message?  What’s your core service?  What’s your core thing that you know you are particularly good at that you could go out into the marketplace to rave about?

How can you pitch yourself as an expert in this particular area?  And, more importantly, how can you connect with those people in your target market who need what you have to offer and what you know you are the best at?

Go and do it, make it happen!

Just remember with any of these posts, if you do nothing with the information, then nothing will change.

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