Having some theoretical knowledge, though not practical experience, of web sites, blogging etc, I arranged a half hour with Karl, with a view – I thought – to possibly consider incorporating a blog into my new company web site.

However, what really emerged for me was that “It was not just a blog that I needed”, or even “a revised and improved web site, incorporating a blog”, but something much more fundamental – my real need was for a proper overall online marketing strategy and plan – and not just an improved web site and/or a blog in my web site.

Karl did not just “discern my need and immediately tell me it” (I then might not have listened to him) but over our time together it just became clear to me what I really needed. (And guess what, effectively marketing the business has always been my main weakness, since day one of the business). Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear……..

I’m certain that Karl will design me a great blog, and indeed a great new web site, however what I did get from my time with him was something much more fundamental – even if it means some more initial “thinking time from me” – an overall in-bound (and maybe some out-bound?) marketing strategy, of which blog and web site are just a part.

And when I require further outside help to create, then implement, this overall online marketing strategy and plan, Karl will be my first port of call……

Steve GreenfieldGreenfield Enterprises Ltd

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