Karl Craig-West: Hi, it’s Karl here from Buzz Marketing and Website Design and, today, I have an absolute treat for you. You see, my friend Gary Foster, who is a professional speaker, author, and coach on the psychology of success is going to be sharing his thoughts on how to be far more effective and more successful in what you do. So, that’s enough from me. Here’s Gary.

Gary Foster: Hi there. It’s Gary Foster and on this video today I’d like to share with you what I call The Six Inches of Success. You see, for most people in business and in life, they over-complicate things. What I’ve found is that the simple steps that you can take in any area of your life will make a massive difference.

Let me explain. Let’s say you’re a football player. Basically, when you play football, you go from one end of the pitch to the other and you score goals. That’s how you win. Secondly, as a football team, you make sure that the opposing team don’t go from their end to your end, and that’s it. Now, you can overcomplicate things by looking at all of the strategies.

What I tend to find, though, if you can just pick one or two, or maybe even three things that you can think about that you want to achieve in your life over the next three to five or maybe ten years, and work on maybe one thing every single day, you’ll see a massive difference.

In fact, they have said that our thoughts create our feelings, which creates our realities. And because of that, it’s your thoughts that are the first thing I would definitely work on every single day. Begin to question. Begin to ask yourself, “Is this thought taking me where I want to be?”

The Six Inches of Success

Make sure you take advantage of The Six Inches of Success

So, if you’re in business for example and you know what your outcome is by the end of the month, whether you’re going to start up a business or the revenue you want to bring in, just ask yourself a question every single day, “Is what I’m doing taking me to where I want to be? Is it getting me closer or am I getting further away?” From the answer that you get, you begin to either plan further or hold back on the things that aren’t getting you there.

Another question you could ask yourself is, “Am I looking after myself first before I look after other people?” Why do I say that? Because positive selfishness is what can make a massive difference in your life and the people around you. Positive selfishness is about not being worried about what others might think about you and maybe about what others might think about your business. It’s more about what you truly believe in and then begin to deliver each and every day.

So, maybe begin to ask that question as well, and the question is, “How important am I to my business and my life right now?”

This is Gary Foster sharing just a few tips for you to make a big difference in your life. Bye for now.

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