In this short video I give a few pointers on why customers will pay more for convenience.  If you can make your customers’ lives easier then you will sell more and at a better price.


“Hi, guys, it’s Karl here again from Buzz Website Design and Marketing. Welcome to another snippet of marketing help and ideas.

In the next session, I just want to share something with you that is more, hopefully, of an inspiration for you to go out and do something slightly different that can not only improve your marketing, but also help you to make more sales.

The key really is convenience.

You see, I’ve just been into town, into central Leicestershire, for an appointment and I parked my car in a multi-story carpark. While I was there, there was a company doing carwash inside and out. And I thought, well, that’s a great idea. So, I paid the guys for cleaning my car and, while I was in my appointment, they were doing all the work. When I came back, it was all nice and clean and shiny, both inside and out. I was really impressed.

The point was, it actually saved me the time and hassle of going to a carwash just to have the car cleaned. In other words, they supplied me with their service, which I needed, but it’s convenient to me and not convenient to the people who run the carwash.

I paid slightly more for this service than I would have done if I had gone to a specialized carwash or a fixed-place carwash. But, the point is I paid for the convenience of not having to take time out just to go and have my car cleaned.

So, my question to you is, can you do something similar? Can you make your product or service more convenient for your customers and potential customers which increases your chances of being able to sell them something?

Let me give you a few examples. A good

why customers will pay more for convenience

Working out why customers will pay more for convenience for what you offer is a worthwhile exercise.

one is hairdressers who also work with nail technicians on the same site. Obviously, it’s not something I’m going to be particularly keen on anytime soon, but it means that when you go and get your hair done, you can also have your nails done while you’re there. It makes it convenient for you.

A lot of professional services, like will-writers, will actually come to you, as will many accountants and other business services. So, is there a way that you can get out from behind your desk and go and see your customers?

I would love the legal profession to get hold of this because there’s nothing more frustrating than needing help and then going and having to take time out, go and see a lawyer who’s often in a city center. You’ve got to park your car, have it cleaned it while you’re there, and then go and see them. It’s just time-out to have a chat with your lawyer.

There’s also companies like mobile mechanics, where they’ll come to you to fix your car or to work on your car rather than you going to them.

If you sell office equipment and stationary, how much more effort would it be to work with a printer to be able to sell more, to be able to sell printed stationary like leaflets, flyers, business cards, etc.?

What if you’re a window cleaner, how much easier would it be while you’re up the ladder just to check the gutters of your customers to make sure that they’re not nice and clear because it can cause major damage to your home if your gutters aren’t clear and water starts overflowing onto your walls?

Anyway, the question is this, can you make your product or service more convenient for your customers because one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is people will pay extra for convenience?

I’ve just paid extra to have my car cleaned for the sake of the fact that it probably saved me half an hour taking it to a cleaning company and leaving it with them. The car was sitting empty and idle. They cleaned it while I was away. I came back and I’m happy because it saves me time and hassle.

So, have a think about it. Can you save your clients time and hassle, and on top of that, leverage the fact that it is convenient to them and you can charge more for it? People pay for convenience. We’re time stretched. We’re time poor. We’re just so busy doing all of the things in life and work, etc. If you can make life easier for your customers, I promise you they will buy, even if you’re slightly more expensive than some of your competition.

So, I hope that helps. Go out and do it. Bye for now. “

If you’d like some help with working out why customers will pay more for convenience in your business then just get in touch on 0116 3552194 or

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