If you run a business then it’s likely that at some point you will want to promote your products and services through some kind of advertising.

Many businesses do this on the web but, as with any public marketing channel it’s very important to make sure that your message is sound.

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If you take a careful look at the image in on the right you’ll see that this accounting firm has obviously not spotted the spelling mistake in his/her ad. Even worse is that the company will be paying for this ad.

I found this ad recently while doing a website review for a client, it was quite a surprise that a professional practice could make such a basic mistake.

Now, if I was looking for an accountant and saw this ad I’d have to ask myself: “if they can’t even get their ad correct, are they likely to pay the same level of attention to my tax return?”.

It’s certainly not a great way for a professional to build credibility in the mind of a potential client.

So if you’re going to do some online advertising, (or offline as well), make sure you check spelling. Better still would be to ask a couple of people to check it for you.

So, if there is a mistake in this post, please let me know…


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