“3 Key Strategies to turn your website to a lead-generating, profit-centre that helps you grow your business!”

  • Attract more of your ideal clients
  • Turn those customers and clients into value driven relationships
  • Convert those relationships into paying clients.
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Helping business owners make their website profitable by using proven lead-generating, relationship-building design and website marketing strategies.

Karl Craig-West

Director at Buzz Website Design

Karl Craig-West, of Buzz Website Design, is an entrepreneur who believes that small business websites should be profit centres and not just an expense.

“Our research has shown that less than 1 in 20 business websites pay for themselves and it means that many people are paying for something that doesn’t perform as well as it could and should” he reveals.

“Your website should look great but also act as a proper marketing channel and provide a return on investment.”


Is this you?

You have a great looking website with a high degree of functionality but it wasn’t built specifically with profit in mind.

You get traffic to your website but have no effective strategy for engaging with your visitors and turning them into potential customers.

You feel like you’re losing potential customers to your competitors because you’re not sure what strategies are available to stop this from happening.

Solve these problems with our free video seminar:

“3 Key Strategies to turn your website to a lead-generating, profit-making machine!”

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The problem is that over 90% of business websites never make a profit over and above what the site owners paid for it.

But that doesn’t have to be the way for you:

Just imagine if you had a steady stream of eager visitors visiting your website every single day who were looking for your services.

Just imagine if you were able to capture the details of these visitors and instantly add value to them buy helping them solve their problems.

Just imagine if you had a powerful AUTOMATED strategy in place to empathise with their problems, educate them on the solution and convince them that you are the right person or organisation to help them.

Do you think that would give you a competitive advantage? 

All this can be achieved and more by accessing your free video tutorial by inserting your name, email and telephone number below.

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Keeping costs down was our main consideration with our first website back in 2012, but when the time came to redevelop it we returned to Buzz as we found they were so good. We found the whole service excellent.”

John Hall

Director, Frank eXchange

“Buzz did a great job and we are very pleased with the finished product.  As well as providing a great looking website, Buzz provided us with lots of marketing tips and support to help our business grow.”

Mark Bell

Partner, The Body Works Physio

“I met Karl through a networking event and was impressed with his knowledge of how SEO would help my business.  I would say that for anyone looking for the whole package Karl is able to offer, it is a great solution and I would recommend Buzz.”

Joanne Withers

Director, St Marks' Stays

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