How we build your website

We always follow a project plan when building websites, with many details decided before we start. That way you know what to expect when your website is launched. We also try to agree a time frame for the project, which ranges from 3 to 6 weeks from start to finish. But this also depends on how quickly you can decide on design, produce content and make decisions.

So here’s a typical project plan:

  • You ask us to build a website.
  • We discuss what you’d like the website to do and also help you to decide which pages you’d like on your website.
  • You then do a little homework on the web by finding several website designs that you like the look of.
  • Our designer will then come up with ideas for how the site will look.
  • We start to build a draft website
  • While we’re building the website, you will begin to write the content for the pages you want on the site.
  • When you’ve agreed design we will start to build this into the draft site
  • When you’ve written the content we add it to website and then start to finalise the design.
  • When the design is done and the content is added we spend some time training you on managing your website (how to change or add pages or blog posts).
  • Website is launched.

That may seem like a lot but your website could be built and launched in as little as 3 weeks, especially if you already have a design in mind and content already written.web designer and website design in leicester

 So, for website design in Leicester and throughout the Midlands call Karl at Buzz on 0116 3552194.

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