Introduction to Marketing

These 3 videos are here to get your started on your marketing journey to support the success of your website.

Apologies if you know some of this stuff already but it’s always a good reminder.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an essential business activity and should never be left until you get round to it.

This video explains the concepts around marketing.  This includes:

  • Your target market
  • Choosing the right message
  • Using the right channels
  • The importance of clear communication
  • Cross-selling and up-selling

Your One-Page Marketing Plan

Here we start to explain a plan for making sure your marketing gets done on a regular basis.

This means that you can work out the activities that need to be done and at what frequency.

Your can download your one-page marketing plan template here:

One Page Marketing Action Plan

Day to Day Plan

Here’s your chance to plan out your marketing for each working day.

Remember that you should be aiming at doing some marketing every day and we use a simple printed calendar for planning it out.

You can print your own calendar at below:


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