“Karl over the past 18 months has proven that he is more than professional and “expert” in his scope of business. His attitude toward educating his client (me and you) is honest and reliable least mentioning of trustworthy and simple to understand.

Karl makes your knowledge of the “use of web” easy to comprehend and implement, even offering to assist in areas that you think are beyond your means. His methodical approach and military delivery style is clear and easy to grasp without the creative confusion to create work for the sake of profit! A very important value to be found these days.

Karl’s professional advice and knowledge has inspired me to venture into a resource that others had eluded me not to venture or dare to tread for the fear of loss.

His seminars are information packed again with inspirational ideas, implementation and management techniques that simply BENEFIT your web presence and overall this impact positively on your time and cash expenditure.

He also has ability and the supporting network of the same to facilitate any web demand again making Buzz Website Design very, very attractive to both small and larger business/personal needs.

I personally highly recommend Karl and his unsung personal and business beliefs and delivery. In short if you fail to hire Karl your perhaps overlooking the best for the job in hand!”

Garry White
The Natural Landscape Company

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