Create Your Own (Kick-Ass) Online Marketing Plan That Actually Works and Wins Customers!

16th December 2019,

9:30am – 4:30pm

Holiday Inn Express, Leicester

 Far too many small businesses don’t have an online marketing plan and it’s no small wonder that they get inconsistent results. 

In this whole-day workshop, we’ll help you create your own online marketing using techniques that we’ve used with our clients to get outstanding results.


You’ll cover :

  • How to work out which online marketing channels you should use for maximum effect (and how to use them properly)
  • How to use your website content to win in the search engines (and the most efficient & cheapest way of doing it) 
  • Three essential (but simple) things that the online marketing ‘gurus’ don’t want you to know 
  • How to properly plan your marketing to save you time, effort and money 
  • What’s ‘hot right now’ in online marketing and how you take take advantage

 The workshop will give you loads of ideas to put into your online marketing plan. 

And the best thing about these approaches is that they’re all free (or nearly). Armed with the right knowledge, they won’t cost you a penny. 


The day will be in 3 parts:

  1.   we’ll examine what you’re doing now and work on some quick-wins 
  2.   you’ll begin to write your own ‘unique to you’ online marketing plan using a proven template
  3.    before you leave you’ll have already made a start on putting your plan into ACTION

When you get back to work you’ll have have made a start on your own online marketing plan and then you can start to win more customers online.

This event is aimed at micro-businesses and the self-employed.


Tickets are just £87 (including lunch and all resources) but if you book before 15th November it’ll only cost you £67.

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