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This snappy three-page website layout was originally developed for a fitness training business, but could easily be adapted to suit any company that offers a service.

So if you’re a solicitor, architect, decorator, plumber or electrician, kitchen fitter, interior designer, landscape gardener, mechanic etc…

…then this could be just right for you.

You’d only be limited by your imagination. How could your business benefit?

Remember: the images below just show a mock-up of the site layout with placeholder pictures and text, just to give you an idea of what’s possible.

The finished site is sure to look fantastic with your own logo, text and images of the correct size.

If there are any parts or sections you don’t need, we can remove them with no trouble.

Like this layout but not the colour scheme? We’ll change it for you.

Hate the font? That’s really not a problem. We’ll be more than happy to switch it for something you love.

A striking full-width image greets your site visitors, overlaid with text telling them what you can do for them. Immediately, they can see how they’ll benefit from your services.

A button takes them to your services page.


If they scroll down instead, they’ll see a description of what you do, with a list of top benefits.

Further below is an image alongside text where you can introduce yourself and show your human side… you’re not a faceless corporation, and here is where prospective clients will be able to see this.

A short introductory video (if you have one) is an effective way of engaging with your visitors. Embedded here, it will help to convince everyone that you’re the solution to their problems.

High-impact, full-width imagery overlaid with your tagline drives home the point that you’re not just a business… you’re the business.

Nearing the bottom of the homepage, testimonials from some of your previous satisfied customers will show everyone what a great job you do.

So what are they waiting for? Give them the opportunity to get in touch while they’re enthused.

They’ll be here because they’re interested. Show them what you can do.
Your Services page opens with an arresting full-width image, which scrolls down to a beautifully illustrated portfolio of all the different things you excel at.
The section below gives you an opportunity to more fully describe those services you really shine in providing. Special offers could be described here, too. A button under each description will take your visitors to your contact page to get the ball rolling.
A quick-contact form is located at the bottom of the page for those people impatient to find out more.
No website would be complete without a contact page.


Starting with another full-width image – people respond well to pictures – you then tell your prospective clients how best to get in touch, with your telephone number, email address and physical location. Things like opening times can go here, too. A contact form makes it easy for them to drop you a quick note, while an embedded Google map (centred on your premises) will help them find their way to you.

If you'd like your next website to be like this, get in touch!

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