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Originally conceived for outdoors enthusiasts, this four-page website layout will lend itself admirably to your business, whatever its nature.

Take it for a run, you’d only be limited by your imagination. How could your business benefit?

Remember: the images below just show a mock-up of the site layout with placeholder pictures and text, just to give you an idea of what’s possible.

The finished site is sure to look fantastic with your own logo, text and images of the correct size.

If there are any parts or sections you don’t need, we can remove them with no trouble.

Like this layout but not the colour scheme? We’ll change it for you.

Hate the font? That’s really not a problem. We’ll be more than happy to switch it for something you love.


Your visitors’ user experience begins with a full-width “hero” image,  overlaid with your company name and tag line. A button will take them straight to your excursions (or products, or services…) page.

Underneath are images and text describing of the kinds of visual excursions (products, services) you offer, alongside your description of what you do (or inspires you, or…)

A button brings your visitors to your contact page.

Further sections list the  features and benefits of what you do, and allow you to advertise any special offers you may be running.

At the bottom is a simple section linked to your contact page.


This excursions & trips (or products, or services…) page allows you to go into much finer detail about what you do.
Here is your opportunity to really show off to your customers about what you can do, and how you’ll benefit them.
A button at the bottom of the page connects to your contact page.

Here’s your “about us” page. This is where you’ll put all the things that set you out as unique in your customers’ minds.


You might like to describe how the business started, your experience, the latest equipment you use, awards won… anything that sets you apart from the competition.


A “meet the team” section works wonders in adding a personal touch.


Buttons to your contact page help ensure your visitors will be able to get in touch.

This is the “contact us” page. People will only be here because they’re interested in finding out more from you, and this is where you’ll give them the chance. All your contact details will be here, along with buttons to your social media feeds and a quick-contact form. An embedded Google map will be centred on your premises location, ensuring customers will always be able to find you.

If you'd like your next website to be like this, get in touch!

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