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This versatile six-page website layout has been developed for businesses in the creative industries, but will suit pretty much anyone. Whether you’re an engineer or a restauranteur, you can benefit from its clear and high-impact look.

You’d only be limited by your imagination. How could your business benefit?

Remember: the images below just show a mock-up of the site layout with placeholder pictures and text, just to give you an idea of what’s possible.

The finished site is sure to look fantastic with your own logo, text and images of the correct size.

If there are any parts or sections you don’t need, we can remove them with no trouble.

Like this layout but not the colour scheme? We’ll change it for you.

Hate the font? That’s really not a problem. We’ll be more than happy to switch it for something you love.


Your visitors are greeted with clean lines – your company name sits prominently above a brief description of who you are.




Relevant imagery underlines the type of business you excel in.




Scrolling down, a “what we do” section tells your prospective clients the ways in which you can help to solve their problems.




Then there is a section for showcasing some of your latest work – a great opportunity to boast about your abilities and successes.




The button links to a portfolio page, tempting your site visitors to explore further.




A contact form then encourages them to get in touch.

This is your portfolio page.
Images illustrate your services – or display your products – alongside descriptive text.
Each button whisks your customers to a “project page” where they’ll learn more about the service or product described here.
A quick-contact section makes it easy for them to drop you a line.
This is the first of two designs for a project page.

It’s neat, it’s clean and it tells your prospective customers exactly what they need to know about your product or service.

The second style of project page shows the same images and information as the first, but arranged in a different way.


This style also includes images linked to related projects (services, products etc…) with a “view all” button back to the portfolio page.

If you require it, this case study page can show prospective customers what you can do, how you do it… and, of course, how it will benefit them.

And of course, a quick-contact form then allows them to get in touch.

The benefits of regular blogging have been proven time and again, and will keep your business freshly in the minds of your customers.

Here, your posts are arranged in a convenient grid-formation, allowing visitors to easily check back over previous content to find a favourite… and maybe share it with their friends.

The first image from each post is displayed, with a sample of the opening paragraph beneath.

If you produce a newsletter, people can sign up to receive it here.

Another quick-contact form then allows visitors to give you their email addresses.

Your new contact page follows the same style principles as the rest of this layout.

Some people are happy to fill in a form on a website, others would prefer to send an email, talk to you on the phone or visit you in person.

This is where you give them the opportunity to do whichever by providing your telephone number, and email and physical addresses.

An embedded Google map, centred on your premises, makes it even easier for you to be found.

If you'd like your next website to be like this, get in touch!

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