If you can get customers talking about you (in a good way) then it’s going to be far easier to pick up referrals and also extra orders.  Here’s a few examples and ideas to get you started.


Today, we’re going to be looking at a really simple way of getting your target market and your customers talking about you to other people.

So what is this way of getting more customers? Well, I’d like to take you on a bit of a journey, a story, if you will.  On Saturday night, this past Saturday night, it was my daughter’s 18th birthday party, and we asked her what she wanted to have for food.  And she said — like, I guess, many teenagers — “I want pizza.”  I thought, “Okay — well, we can do catered, we could get a caterer in, we could have food made.” She said, “No, just keep it simple.  We’d like pizza.  All my friends eat pizza.  And just about everybody we know eats pizza.”  We said, “Okay, we can do that.”

So we went around to our regular pizza place not far from where we live and said, “Can you deliver pizzas for 60 people to the club where we’re having the party at eight o’clock on Saturday night?”  And they said, “Sure, no problem.”  So we made the deal, didn’t really think much of it, and then, at eight o’clock on Saturday night, the pizza turned up.  It was hot, delivered and it was great.  And the guests were really impressed, everybody tucked in.  And we had a few left over, but that’s fine, they wouldn’t have gone to waste.

But the reason for telling you this story is that the pizza delivery guys brought this. And it’s a birthday card for Abigail, my daughter.

Now, what makes it so significant is that they took the time.  They made the connection that Abigail was having an 18th birthday party, and they actually took the time to buy Abigail a card for her birthday, even though they were just fulfilling their service obligations under our agreement.  They were just doing what we paid them to do.  But in my view, this took not a huge amount of thought, but the sentiment was amazing.  As a result, we’ve told through our personal social media, hundreds of people that this particular pizza place bought Abigail a birthday card.

A simple way to get customers talking about you

Can you work out a way to get customers talking about you?

And it’s not necessarily the card, it’s the fact that it’s so rarely done by most businesses.  Yes, we buy pizza from them here and there.  A few times a year we’ll have pizza.  And, so, we kind of know them. Of course, they’ve got our address, they know where we live.  But the point is, can you do something similar for your customers?

Now, I was with one of our new clients.  We’re going to be building them an e-commerce site.  And one of the things I want them to start doing is to send little gifts to their best customers, just as a way of saying thank you for doing business with them.  Now, it sounds like a really simple gesture, but one of the keys to this is that you have to be paying attention to be doing it.

So my tip, this particular tip is all about — is there something like this you can do in your business? Can you reward your top 10, top 20, top 100 customers in some way, shape or form, to get them talking about you, so they’ll share on their social media, “Look what the pizza place gave to me.”  Or, “Look what they gave to me.”

We wrote an article on using pizza to get more referrals here: https://www.buzzwebsitedesign.com/an-easy-way-to-get-more-referrals-in-your-business/

It just reminds me of this time when I bought cameras from a company called Firebox.  It must have been about 15 years ago now.  And with those cameras — I only spent 60 pounds with them — they sent me a packet of sweets.  I told everybody about these sweets.  The cameras were great, but I told everybody that they sent me free sweets.  The point is, it didn’t take a great deal for them to do.  It wasn’t expensive, and I’ve told hundreds, if not thousands, in seminars and talks, and now I’m telling you about it.

So, again, I put it to you.  Can you do something similar in your business?  Can you send a thank you card or a birthday card?  How about sending a free gift to your best customers?  I promise you it will get people talking, and as much as anything else, it will engender client loyalty.  And, to be honest, the long-term survival of your business, if you’ve got repeat business, is client loyalty.  Don’t just keep them happy and satisfied.  Keep them loyal.

So, can you think of a simple way to get customers talking about you?  We’d love to hear about it so please feel free to write in the comments below.

If you’d some help with ideas to get customers talking about you then give us a call on 0116 3552194 and we’ll chat about our marketing coaching service.

A simple way to get customers talking about you
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A simple way to get customers talking about you
It's a good idea to work out some ways to get customers talking about (in a good way). This will improve customer loyalty and improve your chances of picking up referrals. Here's a few ideas to get you started.
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