Some of the time when we discuss social media for businesses we’re still asked if it’s really worth it. And, in some ways, it’s a very important question.  Particularly since many businesses, especially smaller firms, already have enough to do trying to cope in a tighter economy.

So here’s a few ideas that will, hopefully, encourage you to more actively take part in the biggest marketing shift the world has ever seen (and I mean the biggest).

  1. Targeted marketing has never been easier
    In many ways websites like Facebook are a marketers dream-come-true because of how well you can target your advertising and marketing. Imagine you run a local driving school. Your biggest target market is going to be young people who are 17 and 18 years old who live within a short drive of where you’re based. With Facebook Ads you can target these demographics and show ads to just that group.
    Another example is a friend of mine whose target clients are senior managers in local authorities and she’s using LinkedIn to connect with people in that sector relevant to her field of expertise.
  2. You can find out what customers really think
    social media marketing for business

    Social media marketing for business is essential

    Social media is the great outlet for people’s enthusiasms and also their gripes. If they like something they will share it with their friends but they will also publicly deride companies that hack them off.
    With some time spent in researching what folks are saying you could find out what they’re saying about you but also how much they like your competition. This could lead to improved customer service and/or client retention.
    Here’s a great example

  3. You can find gaps in the market
    Looking at point 2 above also gives you the chance to find out where people are struggling with respect to what you offer. If you read the article above you should see the point in listening to what folks are saying about you and your competition. And if they’re whining about your competition you need to ask yourself if there is a gap there that you can fill.
    But also you can listen out for what folks are saying generally in your field. We use social media to try and find out whether people in business feel like they’re paying too much for their website and web services or whether they feel that customer service is lacking in their relationship with their service providers. This is gives us the opportunity to examine how we can do better and become the go-to folks for great customer service in our field.
    You can also listen out for sayings such as “I wish someone would invent something that does this…” or “Why does nobody seem able to fix this…” or “This really hacks me off, all I want is…” and so on. These are areas where potential customers are screaming for someone to say “Actually, we can help”, could that someone be you?
  4. You can get help in your marketing
    This is a biggie in business and it’s really simple. Every time someone shares what you’re saying to their followers and friends on social media they are advertising for you, they promoting for you, they are supporting your cause, they are lending their credibility to you. This, in itself, should a major reason why you need to be doing social media.

To be honest we could be writing all day about whether social media for businesses is really worthwhile, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of reasons. But ultimately only you can decide for yourself.

Our advice: get help if you don’t know where to start. But, please, make a start.

If you need help with getting to grips with and/or improving your use of social media in your business then give us a shout on 0116 3552194 and we’ll have a chat.

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