Hi, guys. It’s Karl here from Buzz Website Design in Leicester and it’s really just a quick one today to remind you of the value of keeping in touch with people.

I’ve just been on the phone with a woman who I went to see with her husband over 18 months ago. I gave them the price of building a website and other bits and pieces to do with their marketing.

For one reason or another, the whole thing got stalled. They got busy with other stuff, then their computer died and they lost all their information. But, they’ve just been on the phone saying, “We found all of our stuff and now is the right time to go ahead with building a website.”

One of the key things that she said to me is that, “We knew you were still there because you kept in touch. We’ve been on your emailing list for the last couple of years, and we knew that all was well with you, and that we could give you a call because you were still in business.”

Learn the value of keeping in touch with your database

Learn the value of keeping in touch with your database

So, the key thing is this, all we do – and that’s not all we do — it takes a bit of planning, it takes a bit of work – is that we send out regular emails. We invite people to networking events. We put out blog posts and useful articles in our market, etc.

So, we’re constantly contacting our database on a regular basis.

Now, of course, like many businesses, we get busy too and there are times when we do it a few times a month, other times when we do it every six weeks for so. But, the key thing here is that we do it. Our database doesn’t get left alone for any real length of time. Usually, at most, every five or six weeks people get an email from us.

All it does is, again, refreshes in the mind of your customers, your potential customers, your database, any leads that you’ve generated, that you’re still there. As in this particular case, the value of that is going to be huge.

Now, of course, we’re going to have to give them a different price. Our business has changed. Things have moved on. Of course, our prices have gone up. This kind of thing happens.

But, the key message is this: If you’re keeping in touch with your database, even if somebody might not buy from you now, there’s a distinct possibility that in 18 months’ time (that’s in this particular case) that they will come back to you and say, “Actually, you know what? The time is now right. Let’s do it.”

So, the key message, keep in touch with people even if they don’t buy from you now.

I hope that’s been useful. Go and get it done. Bye for now.

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