In our view it’s absolutely vital to take regular time out to build your business.  So here’s just one way that we do it and how it can also work for you.


Now, today’s session is being recorded in a venue in North Leicestershire. It’s more a conference facility. I’m here with a handful of friends who are also in business to do what we call an implementation day.

Now, the point of an implementation day is that we meet once a month to focus on just the things that will help us to grow our business. We switch off the phones, we switch off the emails, and we help one another to focus on marketing, business development, business processes, and business growth because one of the problems when you run a small business is that it’s far too easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day working — the constant “doing” of the business.

The frustration is that you often don’t feel that you have time or can make time to work on stuff that will ensure your long-term success, but also help you to grow your business along the way.

Help one another and get it done!

So, as I’ve said, we meet once a month where we just literally get together and we bounce some ideas around.  We talk about what’s happened over the last month and what we’d like to get done.  And also the things that we’d like to work on today. Then, we help one another and we sit and get it done.

The key with this is that, if you don’t make time for growing your business and doing the things that are going to contribute to the growth of your business, you’re always going to stay put and you’re going to be literally pushed around by however things are going. Sometimes, it can feel as though you’re just flying by the seat of your pants. Any business growth will often be more down to luck.  And also to being in the right place at the right time than it will be to any kind of planning or work that makes a contribution to that.

Why You Should Take Regular Time Out to Build Your Business

If you take regular time out to build your business it’ll help you a lot in terms of ideas and growth.

So, my encouragement to you with this video is: can you get together with a handful of friends?  There’s seven of us here today.  And can you help one another to come up with ideas to help each other grow the business? Then, sit together in a room and just get it done.  Because, if you don’t do this, where are you going? Some businesses will grow, but I found this incredibly helpful.

It’s only a day a month

It’s just one day a month and we could all, if we thought about it, afford one day a month away from the office. Switch your phone off, switch your email off, and just go ahead and do it. We do genuinely hold one another to account.

We always say at the beginning of the session, “How’s it gone over the last month? How did you get on with the things that you planned on getting done? What are we doing today that will enable you to get to someplace different by this time next month?”

So, I hope that’s been useful. This kind of stuff really isn’t difficult to do. You don’t have to meet in a conference function. You can meet in a pub or coffee shop if you wanted to. But, it’s important to take time out to work on your business. Do it consistently and, if you can do it with friends, you can do a lot more by helping one another out. Go and do it. Bye for now.

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