OK, so I’m going on a bit of a rant here due to recent experiences. I’m hoping that what I’m ranting about doesn’t apply to you though.

You see, something I’ve noticed is that many people in business still don’t yet realise that their website is more important now than ever before. More so than a logo, a business card or even (dare I say it) a company car.

And, shamefully, they even overlook the kinds of questions that a website visitor might want answered when they visit a website.

The reason is that (and I have a little bit of experience on this) they’re not convinced that their website is a proper marketing tool.

Think more of your website

Think more of your website than your office furniture

Some people will spend more time deciding on the office furniture than they will in making sure that their website is right for their business.

And if you’re a business owner I would urge you to ask yourself whether you need to think more of your website.

I know we’ve written about it before but your new website should be an investment in client-gathering and client-retention.

We often ask potential clients about how seriously they’re planning on taking their new website. We do this for two reasons. The first is that we need to work out if they’re going to work with us properly to get the website done. The second is that we need to know if they’re committed to making their website a success or whether they want a website just because every business needs a website.

You see, there are many important factors that make a website successful and most of it is to do with what happens after the new website is launched, rather than how cleverly it’s built or how pretty the photos are. And if you’re not committed to making it happen then your website builder needs to know.

And this kind of stuff takes much consideration. Your new website should demand your attention, it should be thought of as a new salesman that will need training, coaching and ongoing support.

After all, you wouldn’t spend money on advertising in a magazine without making sure you did what you could to maximise a return on your investment. So why would you not think more of your website and treat it in the same way?


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