Many people we speak to want to get their business online and start by getting a website built (or building it themselves).

call to action is important

Make sure your call to action is loud and clear

However, when asked what the website is supposed to do they sometimes clam up or come up with some vague ideas about getting enquiries from website visitors.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more business from your website but have you built your website to do just that? Is there a clear call to action on your website?

One of the most frustrating things about working in web design is seeing websites that look like a designers dream but there is no direction on the website for the visitor to work out what to do next.

Even worse is a website that makes you work at trying to find your way around or is so vague that you have to guess what the company does (more on that in another article).

So here’s a quick tip: If you want your website visitors to pick up the phone and call then make sure that you have your phone number prominently shown with a ‘call us now’ kind of message with it.

What if you want your website visitors to complete a ‘contact us’ form? Well, the same principle applies: put up a prominent call to action telling them exactly what to do next.

If you want to provide information about your products or services then make sure that this course of action is easy and clear to follow.

There’s nothing worse than a website that gives you no idea of what you should be doing or what you’re expected to do.

So, here’s what to do next:

Make sure your website clearly signposts your visitors in the direction that you’d like them to go.

Your call to action needs to be loud and clear.

If you’d like some help with a Call to Action on your website then
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