Having a new website built should really be a starting point for your online marketing efforts. Your new website is just the beginning if you want to win customers through the web.

Gone are the days when you can just launch a website and expect traffic to come and the phone to start ringing.

So, here’s a few thoughts on why you need to do more than just launch the site, along with some ideas on what you can do to help your website become a more effective online marketing channel.

Get a Plan

The first thing to do with your website is to create some kind of plan to develop and promote it.

The most effective thing to do is to write regular blog posts. Fewer than 5% of small businesses write anything new on their website after it’s been launched, and that’s across almost all industries.

If you’re more consistent with blogging than your competition then it’ll only be a matter or time before you start beating them in the search results. We’ve seen this many times with our clients when they start blogging consistently.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Another big deal is that you must promote your new website like crazy. You need to get it out there in a big way.

This could include emails about it to clients, shouting about it on social media, announcing it at networking events, putting an announcement in the footer of company emails.

The key thing to remember is that nobody will know about your website unless you shout about it from the metaphorical rooftops.

And, as usual, if you have questions or comments on this then let us know below and if you’d like help with getting started on a web marketing plan or need advice on blogging then just get in touch.

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Your new website is just the beginning
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Your new website is just the beginning
Getting a new website built should be the start of the journey if you want to be successful on the web. This short video and blog shows you how and why.
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