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Buzz is a website design and marketing company based in Leicester.

The business came about in late 2010 since we’d been asked on numerous occasions to build websites for small businesses in the Leicester area (some folks know about our techie background). Originally called Buswebs, we changed the name to Buzz in May 2014.

It didn’t take us long to realise that many people who run small businesses (especially start-ups) can’t afford to spend three or four thousand pounds on a website. As a result we decided to launch this part of the business to formalise what we’re up to.




Karl Craig-West

Hi, I’m Karl.  I like to think I’m the head honcho here at Buzz but really I suspect that they give me just enough respect to keep me making the best coffee in the office.

Got a degree in Information Systems and I’ve been a business owner for over half my adult life. In my view it’s the best job in the world.

I’m one of those (odd) people that loves presenting at business events, usually sharing my experience of promoting businesses through the web.

Not everyone appreciates my sense of humour, even my 8 year daughter has grown weary of the dad jokes.  Definitely a geek and love keeping up with technology and science where I can.

Spare time is spent with family and friends, reffing (and occasionally playing) rugby and playing guitar (which I do because I enjoy it, not because I’m good at it).

Superpowers are: remembering peoples names and sensing when someone needs a cuppa.

Clare McCabe

Hi – I’m Clare – I’ve been a Graphic Designer for all my working life, and that’s a looooong time!

I love getting to meet people and find out about their business, their passions and goals. And I love playing a part in helping those business goals happen!

Along with doing all things arty, I’m a ‘low-level’ geek, in as much as; I love gadgets and tech which is super clever and saves me time 🙂

I’m fluent in sarcasm, have a cheeky sense of humour and have a reputation amongst my nearest & dearest for falling over way too easily!

When I get any spare time I like to spend it with my family, cinema, cake & cocktails.

Patience & being psychic are my super powers, and come in very handy when designing.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Clare 🙂

Lexi Black

Hey, I’m Lexi. I’m the web developer who turns Clare’s creative vision into interactive and engaging websites.

I’ve been passionate about building websites since my early teens, but I’m entirely (and proudly) self-taught, spending a great deal of time taking online courses or reading through books and online documentation. Recently I’ve also branched into more creative fields, such as photography and image editing.

I’m quiet and introverted, but I love solving problems and figuring out neat new ways of accomplishing goals… usually at ungodly hours when more reasonable people are sound asleep.

In my spare time, I can be found curled up with the dog in my lap and my head in a book. I also write my own fantasy-fiction, and spend two evenings a week ‘coming together with like-minded individuals to overcome tactical challenges’… AKA online gaming 😉

My superpowers? Turning caffeine into code and oftentimes just ‘Googling’ better than the average bear.

Company Name & Registered Office:
1st Floor Office
68 The Parade

Company No. 06877564

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